Tilak Punn
Amateur boxing is a very positive sport as well as a terrific way to combat juvenile delinquency. It is completely different from professional boxing in its goals, objectives, scoring and equipment.

Amateur boxing can be an excellent source of conditioning for the high school athlete during the off-season. It also provides the option for a youngster who is not involved in school sports programs or does not desire to participate in team sports.

Amateur boxing can also provide a young person with the opportunity to satisfy the basic human need of recognition in a positive manner. All too often this need is met through delinquent behavior.

In amateur boxing, points are scored by landing clean blows, regardless of their power. A power punch that knocks an opponent down scores the same as a left jab. Consequently, a boxer’s goal should be to outbox his opponent by landing numerous clean, effective blows rather than going for a knockout that may not happen.

When properly coached and supervised, amateur boxing can be an extremely fulfilling and beneficial experience for young people. It can be used as a vehicle to instruct sportsmanship, the value of conditioning and a positive release of frustrations and energies, in addition to building self-confidence and character.
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