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It is very important that all athletes take at least 10 to 15 minutes to thoroughly stretch ALL of the major muscle groups (arms, legs, back, abdomen, etc.) before working out. A flexible muscle is less likely to cramp or pull. Remember that flexibility is just as important as power.

This is a great way to begin your workout. The idea is to spar against an imaginary opponent. You can work on different styles and opponents. Imagine that you are working against Ali the first round, Frazier the second round and then work on the “In and Out” in the third.

Before you begin any bag work, be sure you have a good pair of gloves. The heavybag and double end bag should be hit with large bag gloves for two reasons: 1. To protect the 26 small, delicate bones of the hand. One hand injury can end a career.

2. In competition, 10 or 12 ounce gloves will be used. It does not make sense to train with lighter gloves than that. Your arms need to be conditioned for what will be used in competition.

The heavybag develops punching power and speed. Don’t just go through the motions of hitting the bag. Act like the bag can hit back. Slip these imaginary punches and counter.

At most clubs, they have a variety of heavybags: 70 lb. bags, 40 lb. bags, water bags and uppercut bags. Each one responds differently when punched just like each of your opponents will box differently. Rotate on your bags.

As the boxer’s level of ability improves with each bag, increase the intensity of the workout until the athlete can go non-stop for three rounds. At that point, you’ll know that your boxer is in shape!

The primary purpose of this bag is to work on your jabs and quick combinations. It can also be used to practice slipping punches. Again, as with the heavybag, you must pretend that the double end bag can hit back, so don’t forget your defense. Make your jab work like a well-oiled piston and throw combinations in bunches of five to seven punches.

A quality speed rope is necessary to condition the legs and develop the cardiovascular endurance. Always jump on a padded surface. Jumping on concrete is too easy and bad
for your legs. You should complete three rounds of rope jumping.

This light bag does wonders to improve arm endurance and hand-eye coordination. Don’t just hit the bag. Work it. Learn the double hit movement. Hit it once with each hand. Hit it 25 times with each hand. Alternate these routines, work hard and the speed bag can be a valuable tool. For a variation, remove some air (about 25%) from the bag and hit it. It will force you to punch harder.
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