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Asian Martial Arts Games add allowance athletes more than 4 million baht with a proposed meeting soon while "Tony Ja" who is an famous artist of Thailand said even the competition have to put off but ready for the openning ceremony. Mr.Werasuk Kosurut former Minister of Sports said when this game have to putt off there are more time to preparation.Believe that this game will go through well.

Mr. Tana Chaiprasit chairman of branch opening - and closing the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games during June 6-14 said after put off the competition from April 25 to May 3.There are changing the schedule of the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games Executive Board and the 1st Asian Martial Arts Games Organizing Committee.

The Committee’s branch opening - and closing ceremony had contact with "Tony Ja" who is an famous action artist of Thailand shared in the opening ceremony of the competition. Questioned by many parties "Tony Ja" may busy to joint with opening ceremony.

Lastest Mr.Tana said "he has been confirmed to be joining the opening ceremony of the competition whether any period he is ready to clear his jobs to show while the other shows that no problem"

Mr.Sakon Wannapong Secretary of the Sports Technical Committee said that " the increase of the budget allowance of training athletes to extend training to increase. Following they decided to put off the competition we have concluded that to increase the budget for a training allowance overall 4,068,000 Baht. It offers a meeting in the conference committee that will take soon. "

While Mr.Veerasuk Kosurut President of Tourism Authority of Thailand Committee who said we should be the first country to host the Asian Martial Arts Games believes that economic and state government currently does not affect the competition. "

"It is a good time to put off becaue there are more time to ready and perfect.It is an normal that the international sports world would have an effect on the state of the host country but believe that Thailand will go through well. "

Source: http://www.siamsport.co.th/
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