Tilak Punn
The Knife
The knife is probably the most common weapon in the world today, because it also serves as a tool for eating and work. It has been used by men from ancient times for defense and attack and still remains the favorite weapon of defense today.

The karate knife is a little different from a regular knife because of its construction. There should be a blade guard for protecting the hand of the user from the blade, as well as for gripping purposes, and a finger spot which the little finger wraps around when holding the knife for defense. This finger spot is on the blade, but is smooth and will not cut the hand. The handle should be very hard, for it is also used for striking, and the blade should be double bladed at the end, for cutting and slashing forward or backwards, but not double all the way down, for the protection of the user and for blocks.

The knife is the most dangerous weapon available for the beginner, because it is not just effective for defense, but can kill you when practicing if you handle it sloppily or carelessly. Therefore, I suggest that you practice your techniques with a rubber knife until such time as you are very proficient and a margin of safety is assured. Never joke with the knife or be foolish. The knife is a deadly weapon and must always be treated with respect.
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