Tilak Punn

The tonfa is often referred to as the "rice grinder" because that was the original purpose for which the stick was devised. The tonfa is still used today to grind rice in many parts of the world. It is composed of a hard piece of wood, usually white oak, and measures about seven- teen inches in length. The handle is approximately four and one-half inches, and the entire weapon weighs about one and one-half pounds. It can be used singly or doubly as a weapon both for self-defense and for attack.

The size and structure of the tonfa allow the user to combine speed and power together with his own agility and ability to become a dangerous fighting machine. Although it is extremely effective, it is difficult to master completely and so is often not taught to beginners. Its popularity has increased in the last few years, and because it is inexpensive and easy to maintain, I am certain that its popularity will continue to grow.

When practicing with the tonfa, one should take care to use as much control and focus as possible to generate the full power potential of the weapon. It takes practice to learn to swing and snap the weapon with force, but once mastered, the tonfa is a formidable weapon of defense.
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