Tilak Punn
1. Throw it from the head.
2. Keep your elbow down.
3. Snap the arm forward at the elbow joint.
4. Push the left shoulder forward by pushing

from the floor with the right foot.
5. Return the jab back to the head as quickly
as you throw it out.
6. Dot not move your right elbow when throwing the left.

How to jab is as important as knowing when to jab. Unless you are using the jab for probing purposes, it should not be used unless your opponent is within punching range. Don’t throw it just to be doing something. Doing so will afford your opponent the opportunity to gauge your speed and time your punches. Work on the jab until your left arm almost falls off. Take a whole week in the gym and throw only this punch. If you can develop a solid left jab, you will be a good boxer.
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