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YOGA The Art & Science of Remaining Healthy

Yoga has been practiced in our country for the past many centuries evolving into a science by it self & many masters have prescribed varied approaches for practicing the art of Yoga.
The Scientific way of imparting knowledge an in-depth study of own institution is based on ‘Kriya Yoga’. Yoga is the process of expansion of the conciousness or the awareness till the soul merges in the overself. It is what nature intended us to be, perfect, whole & free.
Yoga is the heritage of every man, woman, child & must be claimed, irrespective of age barrier. To be aware of the force within the body & conscious of the harmony of body, mind & soul leading to the full flowing of the personality in Yoga.
Unfortunately, this holistic approach to life has not been understood & conveys to most only the limited meaning of the performance of ‘Yogic Asanas’ of physical fitness. Correct posture helps in correcting the gravity of body, resulting in correct breathing & intake of more oxygen. Yoga consists of simple movements that change your breathing & heart rate & relax both your body & your mind. It normalizes your body’s metabolism & improves your sleep. It helps control diabetes, allergies, arthritis, coronary diseases & much more. And it helps fight the tensions of daily life.
The ‘Pranayama’, deep breathing of pure air, full of oxygen, rejuvenates your body. It tones up your physical, mental health. Respirations control your emotions & you control you respiration.
Regulation of the inflow & the outflow of the ‘prana’ during yoga are incorporated with the physical postures, asanas, with calm tranquility & the mind is freed of all tensions, and one learns to consciously savoir each moment of the body & the mind being interdependent yet harmonized.
It is possible for each one of us to realize our full potential & attain perfection at every level of our being in the hectic pace of life today.
Everything in nature is based upon rhythm & polarity & our bodies are no exception. It is the truth of the universe to be in tune with rhythm of the universe to gain balance & harmony. We have to have the union i.e. Yoga of our body with our mind for holistic health.
Through asanas & pranayama the body is purified. Yama, Niyama, Pratiyahara, Dhyana & Dharna leads to the purification of the mind & soul. Asanas help to activate the various organs to work in harmony. The negative & positive equilibrium is achieved to the full flowering of the personality.
Presented By: Sensei Santosh K. Agrawal
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