Tilak Punn

Benefits of Martial Arts

It is scientifically proven to be the safest martial art in the world. No injuries and no side effects. Martial Arts are based on principles derived from the scientific fields of Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Chiropractic and Psycho-Neurology.
There are no locks out movements, which include damage to the joints. Traditional styles incorporate techniques causing the limbs to stop in hyper extended position, which is potentially damaging to the joints.
Each technique is designed to go with the body’s natural movement. Every movement is circular and uses body momentum to develop 100% power in the kicks, punches and all other techniques.
We do not make our students line up and beat each other for sake of practice. Our training methods involve punching and kicking on focus pads and air shields, which the individual an opportunity to lash out and use their optimum power safely. This way it is much more realistic and it also helps to maintain a positive environment among fellow students.
Children, Women and Men of all ages can learn and benefits from this art. No need to be naturally gifted to achieve in Martial Art with proper training we believe everyone can improve and realize their potential.
Martial Arts offers safe self-defense based instruction and individual success in a relaxed, firm but friendly atmosphere, where self-competition is the underlying principle. Not Gym or sport competition which involves training in mock fighting at the cost of practical self-defense techniques and causes an average child to feel like a failure.
Scientifically proven to invigorate the lymph system, which is crucial to proper functioning of the body’s immune system promoting better longevity.
Deep muscle toning through Yoga based stretching, and better self-discipline mental and physical.
Sensei S. K. Agrawal
Technical Director
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