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Kickboxing sports which is fast and dynamic modern martial arts system. It requires a high level of fitness both mentally and physically and is a dynamic and effective martial art. It incorporates kicking, punching, sweeping and throwing. In Kickboxing there are three main disciplines excluding the fitness regime of Cardio Kickboxing and all competitors practitioners must wear the appropriate safety equipment.

The name speaks for itself; this form of competition is performed in a ring and primarily has similar rules to boxing. The difference is that opponent may also use his legs to defend andattack. The competition is finished when a fighter is knocked out or TKO. If the competition ends after the three two minute rounds then the fighter who has scored on his opponent effectively and proficiency will be deemed to be the winner, in the event of a tied result the fighter whom was judged to be technically better will be given the decision.

Competition in Light contact should be executed as its name implies: with well controlled techniques Equal emphasis must be placed on both punching and kicking techniques. Light contact has been created as an intermediate stage between semi and full contact Kickboxing fight. It is carried out with running time. This competition may be held in a ring or on a matted area; the objective of this type of competition is that you hit your opponent with as many techniques as possible with control. The more complex and difficult the scoring techniques the higher the score. If you hit your opponent without control you are penalized or even disqualified depending on the severity of the offence. The person whom has scored and landed more techniques, in the event of a tied result the fighter whom was judged to be technically better would be given the decision, after the three by two minute rounds, judges the winner.

The competition in semi-contact should be excused in its true sense with light and well-controlled techniques and contact. It is technical discipline with equal emphasis put on hand and foot techniques from an athletic viewpoint. By far the most popular discipline, this form of competition is run over three by two-minute rounds on a matted area. The objective of this competition is to penetrate your opponent’s defenses and deliver effective and controlled techniques with your hands or legs. The scoring system is as follows: punch 1 pt. Kick heads 2 pt., body 1 pt. Jumping kick to the body-2 point, head-3 points, Sweep 1 Point, Throw 1 Point. Each time a fighter scores the match is stopped and the three judges score the techniques, if two or three judges are in full agreement then a score is given. The objective for the fighter is to score as many points on his opponent as possible. The winner of the contest is the fighter with the highest score. In the event of a tie, time is extended by one minute; if the competition is still tied then it will then be decided by sudden death, the first fighter to score.

Low Kick can be defined as full contact kickboxing. In which there is also the possibility to attack the opponent’s legs (thigh only from outside to inside and vice versa) using the shin. The shin can be used in any attack to legal targets. Low kick rules are exactly the same as those of full contact.

WAKO Thai Boxing comes directly from Muay Thai, The Siamese traditional art. It differs only for the fact that:
a. Elbow techniques are forbidden “clinching” will be limited, in the sense that if fighters are not active in their action, central referee must stop them. Wai Khurru, the spiritual dance performed at the beginning of Muay Thai matches, is Thai Boxing music during the fight is forbidden.
b. Punching techniques reaching the legal targets, have the same value for judges of knee, leg or any other technique in the repertoire.
WAKO Thai Boxing is a sport, like the other kickboxing modes. And WAKO Thai boxing applies the same ring and the same weight categories, and the same general rules as far as coaches or fighters behavior, that are used in full contact or Low kick.

A musical form is a sort of imaginary fight against one or more opponents, in which the performer uses techniques coming from oriental Martial Arts on a music selected specifically. The choice of the music is personal.

AEROKICKBOXING (Kickboxercise)
Punching & Kicking technique during the exercise must be performed correctly in fluid, dynamic and explosive manner, as if facing a real opponent. Synchronization of movements to the music’s beat; Every out of rhythm movement will be considered an error or penalty.

The competitors wear loose fitting clothing, a pair of kicking pants and V neck tops are very popular, however T Shirts are permitted in some circumstances, they must be a Club T Shirt. In view of the emphasis on controlled fighting, it is very important to wear protective clothing and equipment. Protective equipment must be checked regularly to prevent any unnecessary injury to either the practitioner or their partner.

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