Tilak Punn

Benefits to Children:

· Children by nature are imaginative & playful, hence find Karate a natural activity.
· Karate provides all children with regular exercise important for good physical & mental health.
· Older children get attracted to the combative aspect of the art.
· Martial Art teaches children to concentrate and achieve goals, Discipline, self-respect, and Respect for others, Self Confidence is the natural benefits of Karate-do disciplines.
· It helps children to change their attitude.
· The interpretation of open hand to them not just remains as self-defense but to extend your hand to your fellow human being & offer help when needed.
· It also directs the extra energy of hyperactive children in a constructive way and raises the energy level of lethargic youngsters.
· Through competition, children learn that the important points of competition are to improve upon one’s own vulnerabilities.
Children are the treasure of this country, so far from teaching children to become bullies; we take an active interest in educating them in the martial arts & help to prepare a child to become a useful & honorable citizen.
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