Tilak Punn

Karate Belt Rankings-Meaning & Significance

The Karate Belt rankings are the greatest source of gratification to the Karateka. These ranks provide the necessary incentive to the Karateka and urge him to work harder to achieve the next belt. In the initial days of Karate-do and in fact other allied martial arts like Judo and Aikido the only belts awarded were the White, Brown and Black Belts. No other coloured belts were awarded. Thus Karateka in those days had no option-either he passed or he failed. It was real serious stuff, a matter of life & death, success and failure.
The modern coloured belt system is based upon the idea of offering an incentive to the Karateka and also a small reward for his efforts, performance and above all, his spirit.
The absolute beginner wears a white belt signifying “Purity”. He puts in greater efforts, undergoes hard training and slowly, passes through the hierarchy of coloured belts. The examiner looks for the following:
· Spirit
· Form
· Attitude
· Understanding of Technique
· Balance & Movement
· Body shifting & counter attacking
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