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Benefits of KICKBOXING Game

KICKBOXING is a relatively modern martial arts system, whose syllabus was derived by combining several fighting techniques from a variety of the more traditional disciplines, including Kung-fu, Karate, Thai Boxing and Taekwondo. There are numerous benefits derived from learning Kickboxing, which extend into many aspects of everyday life. These include:

a. Appeals to both Men and Women, irrespective of occupation or level of fitness
b. Develops strength and flexibility
c. Improves mental agility and stamina
d. Powerful and skillful sport
e. Increases confidence
f. Promotes fitness and well-being
g. Reduces stress
h. Promotes comradeships
i. Assists with self-defense skills
j. IAKO / WAKO Sports Pass to all members
k. Excellent fitness & Self –Defense training
l. Participating in State, National & International Events
m. IAKO / WAKO Referee / Judge License
n. IAKO / WAKO Belt / Dan Grading
o. Professional career with WAKO / IAKO Pro.

Learn to coordinate between mind & body through
Kick and Punch for Self-Defense.
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