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KICKBOXING, the modern and tough Martial Art is the most popular game today among the Martial Artists, irrespective of styles / arts all over the World. Its wide scope, Rules & Regulations are very much accepted by the practitioners of Karate, Kungfu, Wushu, Taekwondo, Tangso-do, Muay Thai, etc.

WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) is the biggest World body promoting & controlling Kickboxing Game all over the World. More than 117 National Bodies in five continents of respective countries are officially tied up with WAKO among which IAKO (Indian Association Of Kickboxing Organisations) takes the leading role in India. The WAKO was formed in 1972 by Martial Arts legend Mr. Mike Anderson. Our present president is Dr. Ennio Falsoni from Italy. Over 40 National Federations have received recognition from their ministry of sports as well as from their National Olympic Committee (NOC). WAKO is expecting an early recognition by GAISF in May 2005, the entry point to Olympic (IOC).

Only few years back KICKBOXING game introduced in India and became the most popular game among the Martial Artists and youths. Because of the continuous efforts of Er. S.S. Harichandan, the Founder President of IAKO, it became possible to introduce and popularise KICKBOXING in almost entire country. Within this short span of time IAKO organised 12th National Championships successfully in Orissa, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, West Bengal & Nagaland with the support of the concerned State Government and its State Association. Also members of IAKO are representing the country regularly by attending the international activities and World Championships of WAKO at Italy, Germany, Mauritius, Ukraine, Poland, Kirgizstan, Yugoslavia & Sultanate of Oman etc.

By observing the popularity of KICKBOXING Game, Dept. of Sports and Youth services, Govt. of Orissa, Nagaland & Meghalaya recognized the game and its State body ‘All Orissa Kickboxing Association’, ‘Meghalaya Association of Kickboxing Organisations’ & Nagaland Kickboxing Association. Also recognized the game, State Olympic Association and its State body West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh respectively, which is soon going to be followed in all other States. IAKO has already introduced and established Kickboxing game in almost entire country. It is also expected that Ministry of Sports, Govt. of India will soon recognize Kickboxing as National Game.

The inclusion of KICKBOXING in recently held WORLD YOUTH GAMES of IOC (International Olympic Committee) on July’1998 at Moscow, Russia is the latest achievement of WAKO.

Many National KICKBOXING Federations are already by their respective National Olympic Body’s. Similarly WAKO membership with GAISF (General Association of International Sports Federation) an important sports World body next to IOC. It is but natural expect that this exciting sport will be a part of the OLYMPIC agenda soon.
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